TagPoint for Consulting and Education: Unified QR Codes to Support Learners and Capture Leads

Success Story

TagPoint for Consulting and Education: Unified QR Codes to Support Learners and Capture Lead
Success Story

Customer profile

Lumina Learning Danmark ApS — a branch of the global Lumina Learning organisation — offers personalised development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Lumina provides innovative personalised development solutions for individuals, teams and organisations, including:

  • Lumina Learning Experience Platform (LLXP): a platform with digital psychometric resources to teach and qualify consultants;
  • Lumina Spark: a digital platform for practitioners specialising in organisational transformation;
  • Facilitation of a global network of skilled experts and practitioners in 40+ countries all over the world.
  • Gitte Lindhard Wahlström
    Partner & Faculty Member
    MBA, certified coach and facilitator with expertise in organisational development through effective team collaboration and communication.
  • Lumina Learning Danmark

Business challenges

Lumina Learning provides blended qualifications and digital courses packed with extensive and valuable content. The primary concern was how to effectively support participants. Gitte aimed to provide them with a centralised channel for reporting errors, login issues, and contacting her — all in one place.
Messages flooding in through email, phone calls, SMS, and LinkedIn are difficult to manage and respond to quickly. Also you can’t always identify the person and the context of the reported issue.
— Gitte Wahlström
Collecting course evaluations was also highly important. Typically, evaluations were funnelled to Lumina headquarters at the end of the qualification, and Gitte aimed to gather real-time feedback throughout the course and receive it directly.

Another challenge was to capture leads. Lumina Learning is new to the Danish market, and seizes every opportunity to collect contact details of potential leads during online and offline events.
Based on this, the following business goals were set for the project:

  1. Establish a unified channel for reporting errors and collecting feedback from course participants.
  2. Enhance lead generation efforts during online and in-person events.


It was crucial for Gitte to remain easily accessible to consultants, practitioners, and leads — but to offer a unified, easily manageable communication channel. TagPoint could offer an efficient solution:

  • Firstly, TagPoint doesn’t require installation
People simply scan a QR code with their phone camera and TagPoint opens in a browser.

  • Secondly, TagPoint offers easy customization
Gitte could tailor the forms and links accessible behind a QR code to suit her specific needs.
Scan this code to contact Lumina Learning Danmark
For the e-learning courses of the qualifications, we incorporated TagPoint QR codes into online platforms.

  • QR codes for error reporting
By scanning a QR code between learning modules, course participants could ask for support, report a typo or an error in the materials, as well as add a photo allowing for precise identification of issues within specific learning modules. This streamlined the process for Gitte to swiftly respond or correct any errors.

  • QR codes for evaluations
By scanning a QR code, consultants and practitioners could share feedback. TagPoint is intuitive and easy to understand, so we created customised questionnaires with Net Promoter Scoring, rating scales and open-ended questions. Gitte now has a tool to receive feedback directly and address it promptly.
At first, students and practitioners didn't see much point in using a QR code, but I emphasised how easy and useful it is. Now it's working, and most contacts come through TagPoint.
— Gitte Wahlström
For lead capturing — during both online and in-person events — we experimented with placing TagPoint QR codes on presentation slides, email signature, and in printed materials. By scanning the QR code, potential leads can fill in a contact form, share feedback about an event, sign up for a monthly newsletter, visit Lumina website, and schedule a meeting with Gitte.
It is tremendously important to capture leads efficiently. Through scanning a QR code, people can reach out to me or book a 15-minute slot via the Calendly app.
— Gitte Wahlström
TagPoint setup for Lumina Learning Danmark

Results and next steps

TagPoint streamlined different points of contact with Lumina into one channel, reducing response times. By scanning a QR code, consultants, practitioners and potential new leads can quickly contact Lumina with any issues, requests and feedback. And for Gitte is it easier to manage incoming messages and address issues faster.

Gitte Wahlström highlights the ease of use and efficiency of TagPoint, aiming to increase its adoption among Lumina consultants and practitioners.
I'm actively encouraging my consultants and practitioners to use QR codes. Once they’ve tried it, they find it incredibly straightforward. No more hunting for my email address, LinkedIn profile, or phone number — simply scan a QR code and get in touch with me.
— Gitte Wahlström
This success story of Lumina Learning Danmark shows how TagPoint can be used in consulting and educational processes. But it doesn't stop there – any business can benefit from TagPoint's simple yet powerful solution.

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